Tim Balk

The founder and editor of the blog, Tim is a huge sports fan who is particularly obsessed with college basketball. He also loves movies, pizza, and his cats–Pedro and Peyton. He is a sophomore journalism student at Northwestern.

Danny Cooper

Our resident New Yorker, Danny is a Mets fanatic and a baseball lover. He is also a supporter of all those annoying NYC sports teams (Jets, Knicks, Rangers), and he believes in David Wright. He mostly posts about pro sports. He will also study journalism at Northwestern beginning in fall 2015.

Grant Newman

Affectionately known to us here at the Sports Town as G-Newms, Grant is another basketball-obsessed wacko. A sophomore at Duke, Grant is a bit of Blue Devils homer, but certainly no more so than his favorite announcer, Dick Vitale. Keep an eye out for college hoops posts from Grant, especially around March.


Harvardfan is a Harvard fan (surprise!) and a fan of soccer and America. He likes to claim that Harvard basketball is now a mid-major powerhouse. Harvardfan is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis.


Sam lives for all things soccer, and he especially loves the English Premier League. He supports Manchester United (and the New England Revolution locally). He is also an avid runner and is far too competitive in pickup games of basketball. Sam is a sophomore at Providence College.


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