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Super Bowl Sunday Thoughts

The two long weeks of waiting are nearly over. Broncos and Seahawks fans with fingers crossed will be at MetLife Stadium tonight in East Rutherford, New Jersey, for Super Bowl XLVIII. Meanwhile, we’re fresh off a fantastic Saturday of thrilling college basketball and NBA hoops. Here at the Sports Town, we’ve got a lot of sports-related thoughts floating around our heads. Here they are, organized by sport.

Super Bowl Thoughts:

  • Throughout the season, we’ve heard the concerns of NFL pundits about Peyton Manning’s loss of ability in cold weather. Well, Danny testifies that this Super Bowl Sunday is shaping up to be a beauty, and he has the Weather Channel backing him up- it is 50 degrees around noon (when this is being written), and it projects to be 44 degrees right around kickoff. Seahawks fans hoping that Mother Nature would take down Manning for them are going to be disappointed.
  • Releasing Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl seems strange, but this Chobani Super Bowl ad, which utilizes Bob Dylan’s “I Want You” (a favorite song of ours at the Sports Town)  is pretty money.
  • College Sports Town doesn’t really have an official pick. Tim likes the Seahawks. Danny and Harvardfan94 like the Broncos. By vote totals at least, it seems we like the Broncos.


College hoops thoughts:

  • Duke fell by two points, on the road, in the Loud House last night to the second ranked (soon to be first ranked, after Arizona’s late-night loss to Cal) Syracuse Orange in an instant classic. The overtime battle leaves me with a couple of thoughts. First of all, Duke, which entered the week ranked 17th in the nation, is a far better team than that ranking indicates. They plowed through Pitt on the road earlier in the week and their near dethroning of Cuse was even more impressive given the fact that three of their best players (including that Jabari kid) fouled out. My other thought: The Duke-Cuse rematch at Cameron Indoor Stadium can’t come soon enough.
  • George Mason might be 0-7 in A-10 play, but the Patriots have taken many good teams down to the wire. They got to overtime against St. Louis yesterday and had already nearly won against such teams as UMass, George Washington, and St. Joe’s. Of course, close losses don’t do you much good.
  • Florida-Texas A&M was…interesting. The Gators are playing incredible basketball.
  • Cal’s narrow win over numero uno Arizona was huge for the Golden Bears’ chances of dancing in March. Their win over Oregon had been looking less and less impressive and Cal entered the weekend on a three game losing skid.
  • Oklahoma State’s undeniably super-talented, but with their loss yesterday to Baylor, the Cowboys have now lost three out of four and Marcus Smart’s field goal percentage has sunk to 42%. They could really use a win over Iowa State on Monday.
CJ Fair and Orange squeezed by Duke.

C.J. Fair and the Orange squeezed by Duke.

NBA thoughts:

  • It has been almost a month since the Cleveland Cavaliers traded for Loul Deng and the addition of the defensive stalwart has not done much to improve the fortunes of the lowly Cavs. They’re just 5-8 since the trade and got blown out by the Knicks (YES, THE KNICKS *bleh*) on Thursday.
  • On the other side of the trade, Tom Thibodeau’s Bulls have continued to truck along. The prevailing opinion after the trade seemed to be that it would be tank city in Chicagoland after the deal, but the Bulls are 9-5 since losing Luol and sit at 23-23, good for sixth in the Eastern Conference. Go ahead and look at the Bulls’ roster and tell me their recent success is not magic. Thibs is a magician, but who knows how long the Bulls’ good fortunes (or bad fortunes when it comes to lottery pick hunting) can last?
  • The Suns beat the Bobcats yesterday to move to 29-18. Jeff Hornacek might be Jesus.
  • Kevin Durant and the Thunder ran out of steam last night, as The Slim Reaper missed all 6 of his three-point attempts in a 96-81 loss to the .500 Wizards. The Thunder had a rare poor offensive output while KD’s hometown team had a great game, powered by new All-Star John Wall (17 points, 15 assists, 6 steals).

    KD and the Thunder fell at the hands of Washington.

    KD and the Thunder fell at the hands of Washington.


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The Surprising New York Jets

At the beginning of the 2013 season, many predicted the Jets would crash and burn. Bill Simmons, whom I love very much despite his being a Pats fan, listed them as the 2nd worst team in the league. The experts who work at ESPN predicted the Jets would finish no better than third in the AFC East. USA Today predicted they would finish 2-14 on the year.

The expected mood of Jets fans

The expected mood of Jets fans this year

Yet today, the Jets beat the talented New Orleans Saints to go to 5-4. The ferocious defense, powered by the front line of Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Damon “Snacks” Harrison,  pressured the elite Drew Brees into throwing two picks, nearly intercepted several other throws, and stopped the explosive Saints on a pivotal 4th-and-one. Rookie QB Geno Smith was decent, throwing for 115 yards and rushing for a score, but the real star was behind him in the backfield. The former Saint Chris Ivory, whom the Jets snagged in a offseason trade for a fourth rounder, ran roughshod through the formidable Saints D. He gained 139 yards on the ground and pounded in a TD, much to the delight of Rex Ryan. Nick Folk continued his remarkable season, as he kicked 4/4 field goals to remain a perfect 23/23 on the season.

Ivory had quite the day for NYJ

Ivory had quite the day for NYJ

Stout defense, unexpected producers, and remarkably consistent special teams. These factors have made the 2013 New York Jets (and I can’t believe I get to type these beautiful words) postseason contenders. They have had their problematic games (coughBengalscough) but have come back after each loss and redeemed themselves. They probably shouldn’t have won against the Bucs or the Pats, but in doing so, they gained confidence.

That sort of confidence is what powered previous Ryan-era Jets squads to consecutive AFC Championship Games. The Jets under Ryan have won when they have punishing defense and a good running game, along with a competent play caller, and that is how the 2013 Jets have operated on their best days.

It’s hard to predict how this team will perform the rest of the season because they have been, well, unpredictable thus far. Looking at the rest of their schedule, however, gives me confidence in this team. They play only one more team with a record better than .500 (Panthers). I believe the Jets will make the playoffs, if not as a divisional winner (now I have real reasons to say Brady sucks!), than as a wild card winner. If they get in, who knows? No one expected them to get to two consecutive AFC championship games several years ago. I might be crazy, but I could see them beating the Colts (assuming they get the 3 seed). Only time will tell how this crazy 2013 Jets season will play out.

One thing is for sure: keep this man far away!

One thing is for sure: keep this man far away!


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Kyle Juszczyk Drafted by Baltimore Ravens

I apologize for the lateness of this post. Been pretty busy lately. Anyway, Harvard Tight End/Fullback Kyle Juszczyk was drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens, becoming the first Harvard player drafted since Ryan “The Amish Rifle” Fitzpatrick was drafted in the 7th round by the St. Louis Rams back  in 2005. Juszczyk joined Cornell offensive lineman JC Tretter and Princeton defensive end Mike Catapano, who were also drafted; Tretter a few picks before Juszczyk by the Packers, and Catapano in the seventh by the Chiefs. Cornell wide reciever Luke Tasker, son of former NFL special teams player Steve Tasker, signed with the San Diego Chargers. It should be noted that no BC players were drafted.

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